Matnext Airflow mattress pad against condensation

Why Matnext Airflow?

  • Practicable and suitable:Against condensation under your mattress in caravan, roof tent, boat, camper and at home!
  • A breeze of fresh air: The breathable matrix with 10mm height helps to circulate warm air under the mattress and avoids condensation.
  • Extrem durable and maintenance free: The Airflow pad will survive your mattress without maintenance!
  • Versatile and easy to use: You can cut the lightweight material with a normal scissor and align it into your bed system.


Humans are sweating while they sleep. The mattress absorbs the moisture and gets damp on the coldest place – the bottom.

On the bottom the moisture can’t get away and as a result mold and stock stains arise.

On a damp mattress mold and stock stains arise. A wooden basement is going to rot and metal will rust.

Mold spores flying trough the air like blossoms and pollen. If you breath it in it leads to a running nose, itchy eyes, rash and sickness.

If you place a Matnext Airflow between your mattress and your base, you create an airspace, where the wet air can circulate. The wet air can evaporate and your mattress stays dry. The lifetime of your mattress gets longer and you can sleep without the health risks of mold and stock stains.


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